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Pink Lake / Cultured Pearl beachlove® Necklace with 14K Gold Heart Clasp

Pink Lake / Cultured Pearl beachlove® Necklace with 14K Gold Heart Clasp

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"Pink Lake" is the designer's homage to the captivating colorful beauty of Victoria's Pink Lakes. 

Pink Lake is a rare pink pearl strand necklace from the Venus Moon Water Pearls beachlove® Series by Kimberly Arpaia. 

One of a Kind. Purchaser receives the same necklace shown.

Size: Necklace length is 19 inches with clasp closed. Pearls are 4.0-4.5mm round.

Fabrication: The pearls are professionally strung on pink silk thread with a supple drape for comfortable wear and double knots between each pearl for security. A protective 24K yellow gold vermeil coil covers the silk thread at the clasp attachments.

About the Clasp:

     ° Solid 14K Yellow Gold plunger-style safety clasp.

     ° 8mm heart shape with abstract cut-outs on the front, back, and sides.

About the Pearls ~ designer's personal grading of pearl strand using GIA pearl quality factors: 

     Type: Cultured Freshwater

     Color: Pink

     Shape: Near Round to Round

     Size: 4.0 - 4.5 mm

     Luster: Excellent

     Surface: Clean / Spotless to the naked eye

     Nacre: Acceptable

     Matching: The designer's selection of each pearl on this strand is intentional and based on creating a harmonious composition with an array of dreamy pink hues with freshwater pearls of similar size and shape that look most pleasing and interesting together.

     Pearl Treatment: None Detected / Natural Fancy Color Pink

     Designer's Personal Assessment: This pearl strand is relatively rare.

Included with Purchase:

     ° Pearl Necklace Folder.

     ° Microfiber cleaning cloth safe for pearls.

     ° Arpaia® pearl care brochure (gentle wear and care recommended for all fine pearl jewelry).

     ° A beachlove® notecard of authenticity signed by the designer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please see the Return & Refund Policy on this site for more info.

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