Hello & Welcome to beachlove!

I'm Kim Arpaia, beachlove's designer. From inception of my jewelry business in 2005 to this day, I personally handle all aspects of the job as sole "turtle" employee. I strive to create impeccable jewelry, earn customer satisfaction & loyalty, and maintain a green studio with low carbon footprint.

My reveal is that I work through rose-colored glasses. Creation burns bright and feels magical. Through the years, my eyes are dimmer and fingers less nimble, yet the designs flow with greater ease. Each new piece captures my heart, and I crave for each to capture another's. 

Despite being my newest collection, beachlove is destined to become a mainstay. The line began as a celebration of the world's beaches. In short time, I yearned to memorialize everything magnificent and mystical akin to water. Every precious drop on land and in air, gentle to raging, beckons beachlove's domain, from turbid stormy seas to glistening morning dew across a quiet landscape.

Like an ocean, beachlove is vast ... granted not in size, but in its scope of inspiration. All water bodies, coastlines, and area surrounds are ripe jewelry fruit. Quaint shoreline towns flourish like paintings in beachlove works, as do whispering breezes, swirling tides, emerald lagoons, aqua grottos, rushing waterfalls, ancient wishing wells, still ponds, expansive lakes, rocky streams, and voyage-beckoning rivers.

In homage to the miraculous life force and majestic beauty of water, the beachlove collection beholds treasures of Mother Nature and humankind with an array of adornments to evoke memories, mood, and motion. Notably, the beachlove collection is wandering and spiritual. All MerSouls are blessed, and deities reigning over water or springing therefrom enjoy oft references throughout the collection. 

I built this website to showcase an intimate collection in my longing for every beachlove creation to find its soulmate and be worn & adored. Please visit often to see new beachlove beauties as born! True to the nature of thoughtful one of kind artisan works, realities lend sparse offerings at any given time. I hope you will find that the handful of original new works produced each quarter reflects my devotion, love, passion, and joy.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and my warmest wishes for a charmed day!!

Arpaia® and beachlove® are U.S. registered trademarks of Kimar Enterprises, LLC, founded and solely owned by Kimberly Arpaia since 2005.